The seasonal change

I haven’t posted much at this blog over the last few months. It’s just we have been so busy at the nursery this year there hasn’t been the time. After work Monica and I head for the garden where we de-compress, which does not include blogging. With the rain today it has come to my attention that the garden is ready for it’s seasonal change. In addition I found a baby deer inside the gate, trying to get out. The first animal intrusion into the garden this year. It got our by ripping down the fence.

So it’s time to start pulling out some of our tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers to make way for fall vegetables like broccoli, and cauliflower. We have already planted the first broccoli and are getting the bed ready for lettuce and radishes. If we don’t plant now they will not be ready in time before the cold of winter settles in.

Don’t wait any longer to make the change. Like so many things in life, timing is important. In vegetable gardening it can be the difference between having vegetables to harvest in fall and winter, and having nothing to harvest. The fresh rain today, the first in many months, helps set the mood for the fall and winter garden. Change is in the air.

We will be having a fall and winter vegetable garden workshop at the nursery next Saturday the 14th, from 10 am to 11. It’s free, and will give you the information needed to have a bountiful garden this year and next.


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