Squash flowering, but no fruit

It’s common this time of year to hear people lament that the squash plants they have planted are flowering but not fruiting. What’s happening is that squash plants have both female and male flowers. What this means is the plant must first produce flowers of both sexes so the bees can pollenize the flowers. Once that happens the fruit forms. When squash plants first start flowering they tend to produce flowers of only one sex. So no fertilization occurs, hence no fruit. Sometimes small fruit are set fall right off. This is for the same reason. Lack of pollination.

What’s the solution? Wait, the plant will soon produce flowers of both sex and fruit will be formed. This is one of those times when “patience’ is called for. Of course as we wait for our first vegetables of the season that quality is often abandoned.


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  1. It may just be my imagination, but ever since I planted lavender near my squash, I’ve had very early and very prolific fruiting. I’m convinced it’s the bees.

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